Spacious and smart

The STARIA (Van) provides everything you need to get the job done efficiently, safely, and in style.
You get loads of room for your cargo and a well-appointed cabin that provides
an oasis of comfort and relaxation for you and your crew.

The space to grow your business

Impressively spacious and equipped with flexible design features like twin swing doors that speed up loading and unloading, the STARIA (Van) is the ideal partner for tradesmen and pro drivers who demand maximum efficiency. With its 2.5m-long cargo bed, the 3-seater van always seems to be hungry for more cargo. And to ensure you are equipped with the perfect tool for the job, there is a choice of seating and body style configurations.

Looking good, living even better

H-1 vans offer both style and huge versatility. A 5-seater window van provides plenty of space for luggage, while a 3-seater panel van allows room for up to 800kg of cargo.

Change your worldview

The remodeled interior, with a horizontal layout providing a wide, open feel, achieves the highest levels of design. In addition to the audio system , a stylish, sporty steering wheel also enhances the drive.




Product labelTheta 2.4 MPi (EU3/4) 4-Speed Automatic RWD (9 seats)
Model nameH-1



The all-new TUCSON

    Step in, Stand out.

    The all-new TUCSON signals the start of a new day, and a new way of driving.
    Rejecting the ordinary, the all-new TUCSON pushes the boundaries of the segment to reinvent everything.
    Outside, Tucson is designed to impress while inside, you’ll discover a level of roominess,
    comfort and versatility that exceeds all expectations.

    Design that’s thrilling and timeless.

    With its 3D parametric-style grille and jewel-like surfaces, Tucson is for trendsetters
    with a taste for futuristic design. Adopting a daring new design language we call Sensuous Sportiness
    and created with cutting-edge digital design tools, Tucson stands out.

    The 4th generation Tucson
    poised to set new record.

    Based on innovative design and delivering value above and beyond its class,
    The all-new TUCSON sets the standard for SUVs and is poised to set new sales records.

    Reason to believe.

    Most competitive in its class with innovative sporty SUV style, interior space equal to mid-sized vehicles,
    new advanced safe and convenient specifications




    Product labelSmartstream Gasoline 2.0 (EURO 3/4/5/6/6D) 6 Speed Manual FWD
    Model nameThe all-new Tucson


    The all-new


    Fun-loving and hard-working

    The all-new Creta rewrites the book on compact crossovers. The style is sensuous and sporty, reflecting Creta’s impressive dynamic capabilities and fun-loving driving personality.

    Dare to be different.

    Masculine and modern with a difference: That’s the all-new Creta style. Creta’s jewel-like headlamps, its outsized grille and other bold details dare to be different and push the boundaries of design. From every angle, the all-new Creta radiates supreme confidence and driving excitement, a feeling that intensifies when you push the start button.

    Get more done everyday.

    A trusted tool. A member of the family. Objet d’art. A tech toy. Creta is all of these and much more. Whether you’re single, married with kids or empty nesters, the highly versatile the all-new Creta is designed to be a perfect fit. It’s the efficiency multiplier that helps you do more each day and to get it all done in style.




    Product labelSmartstream G1.5 MPi 6 Speed Manual FWD
    Model nameCreta