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Doroub Libya crowned Hyundai Sales Excellence in North Africa by Hyundai Motors

The regional conference of Hyundai Motor Company, the leading South Korean automotive company, was held on May 14–15, 2024, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This prominent event saw the participation of around 200 attendees from approximately fifty countries, where the latest innovations and strategies to enhance Hyundai’s position in global markets were discussed.

The conference was distinguished by honoring Hyundai Libya, represented by Doroub Libya, with the “Outstanding Distributor” award for the North Africa region for the first time. This achievement is a significant recognition of the company’s efforts and commitment to providing the best services and products to its customers in Libya.

Mr. Hussein Nouri, General Manager of Doroub Libya, commented on this achievement, saying: “It is not by chance that Hyundai Libya won this award. The growing trust of our partners has made 2023 a significant milestone for Doroub Libya, not only on a national level but also regionally. We are proud of this recognition and will continue to work hard to maintain high standards of quality and excellence in all aspects of our work.”

Mr. Hussein Nouri also emphasized Doroub Libya’s commitment to continuing to provide high-quality products and exceptional services, noting that this award is a testament to the company’s dedication to its customers. He added, “We always strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and we work diligently to continuously develop and improve our services and products.”

This annual conference aims to strengthen relationships and enhance the regional future visions of the brand. It also serves as an opportunity for distributors to exchange their diverse experiences, present innovative management strategies from each region, and share the successes of traders in their respective countries.

The success of Hyundai Libya in obtaining this prestigious award is evidence of the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence and the hard work of the team that always strives to achieve the best. Doroub Libya reaffirms its dedication to strengthening its position as a trusted partner of Hyundai and to providing outstanding services to its customers in Libya.