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Fleet solutions

Fleet solutions

Supporting your business with fleet vehicles

At Doroub Libya – The Hyundai Distributor in Libya – we carefully design competitive purchase price for business and provide exceptional total cost of ownership which is key factor for any business. With Hyundai’s fuel-efficient technologies and Doroub Libya fleet/business maintenance packages and maintaning low costs of eplacement parts, we are pleased to offer a vehicle range that delivers exceptional value to our business customers in the State of Libya.

Thanks to a fast expanding range, of high-quality, well-equipped and cost-effective vehicles, the Hyundai fleet team provides tailored fleet services to satisfy companies of all sizes. Hyundai Fleet solutions surpass competition with real competitive value, strong residual value, competitive service cost, and fuel efficiency.

To make an enquiry, please fill the form and one of our Fleet Sales Consultants will assist you.