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Big on style and features.

The all-new Accent gives you everything you have ever wanted in a small family car and much more.

Grand i10


Chrome detailing on the front grille and around the fog lamps take Accent to a higher level.


Every details radiates dynamic tension and motion even though it is sitting still.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA)

BCA uses radar to monitor both of your blind spots. If a vehicle is detected in the blind spot while the turn signal is flashing, BCA will automatically apply left or right side front braking before your attempted lane change thus helping you avert an unsafe lane change and a potential collision.

Forward Collision Assist (FCA)

If there’s danger of a collision with a car or a pedestrian, FCA front camera gives you an early warning and, if necessary, FCA automatically applies the brakes to prevent the collision.

A step forward.

Let’s get into the new Accent and it looked and felt new. The presence, textures and color combinations provide pure sensory pleasure.

Grand i10

Heated and ventilated front seat

Enjoy the comfort of the Accent’s ventilated seats on hot days, featuring 3-stage control switches and indicator LEDs for seat heating and cooling functions.

Flat-folding 60:40-split rear seats

Accent’s versatility is surprising: It can handle a mix of passenger and cargo hauling duties thanks to the flat-folding rear seats.


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